The Achimota Forest Must Remain A Forest!!

What is the issue?

The Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources and the Forestry Commission has announced the conversion of the Achimota Forest into what they term an ‘amusement park’ under the Achimota Eco Park project.

The project according to the Ministry is “financially viable, economically sound and environmentally sustainable” and will replace much of the forest with restaurants, zones for general advertising, parking lots, drive safari and commercial enclaves.

When the environmental movement in Ghana raised concerns over it, indicating that a project that will destroy the forest is not environmentally sustainable, government turned from its initial reason to say that the “move has become necessary to save the only greenbelt in Accra from wanton encroachment and abuse”.

The Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) believes there is more to the inconsistencies in communicating the vision for the project. However, the position of GYEM, environmental groups, campaigners and the general public is that the Achimota forest must remain a forest! We have made our position clear through a press release communicating why we don’t support this project.

The next step in our campaign

GYEM has made a strong press statement about this project but we haven’t gotten the government’s attention yet. We believe joining forces with everyone who love the environment and making a lot more noise about it on social media can get the government’s attention to listen to our legitimate concerns. The Movement is also mobilizing to run a campaign to the seat of government to petition the Presidency as the next step in our campaign strategy.


We believe that in order to gain the attention of our leaders, our environmental allies and the general public, we need them to hear our concerns. We need your help to propel this issue to these audiences, because we believe that the work of environmental justice is universal. We’re utilizing all methods of outreach – including the power of social media. We’re asking you to help us by spreading the word among your networks in these ways:

1. Through Facebook by tagging others in this note, and;

2. Through Twitter, by tweeting it. Please use the #SaveAchimotaForest hashtag in your correspondence.

With your voice joined with ours, we believe we can bring the attention of our leaders to our environmental concerns and work towards a solution.


For further information and clarification please feel free to contact our team at

Thank You!!


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