POWER SHIFT 2014 – JULY 2014 | University of Ghana


What is Power Shift?

Power Shift is the largest youth-led and first ever environmental/climate summit in Ghana hosted by the Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) to train more than 200 young people in policy, leadership, organizing and campaigning to fight for environmental and climate justice in Ghana.

A 3 days summit- a single mammoth gathering of young people in our generation to learn, device and discuss strategies to fight for environmental justice in Ghana. It is time to set and shift priorities from the bottom to the top, at all levels of society, from policies to implementation. To encourage, equip and empower our Movement with tools, techniques and technology to shift power.

Our generation is faced with unprecedented environmental crisis and challenges:

-The Government of Ghana has signed an agreement with a Chinese Energy Group to construct a 700MW coal fired power plant in Ghana;

-Agbogboshie, a community in Ghana has been named among The World’s 10 Most Polluted Places.

-Pollution through illegal mining (‘Galamsey’) is destroying water bodies in Ghana and threatening access to clean drinking water

With a very robust and strong Movement, we can shift power and solve the crisis!


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