POWER SHIFT GHANA 2014 – Event Details


The first ever largest youth led environmental summit in Ghana- a single mammoth gathering of young people in our generation to learn, device and discuss strategies and solutions for environmental sustainability in Ghana. It is time to set and shift priorities from the bottom to the top, at all levels of society, from policies to implementation; and encourage, equip and empower our generation with tools, techniques and technology to solve the environmental crisis.


  •   To discuss, learn and share innovative solutions in clean/renewable energy and green technology;
  •   To train a new generation of young people in environmental policy, organizing and campaigning for action on the environment;
  •  To give front line communities affected by pollution a voice to share their experiences and engage policy makers in solution driven interactions.


       Our generation is faced with unprecedented environmental crisis and challenges:

  • Environmental sanitation in Ghana is deteriorating each day with waste management remaining a national burden;
  • Water crisis and shortages worsened by the pollution of rivers and water bodies through illegal mining (galamsey) and other human activities;
  •  Agbogbloshie has been named among the ‘Top 10 World’s Most Polluted Places’ by the Scientific American;
  • More than 20 whales have died and washed ashore in areas of oil exploration since 2009;
  • The removal and destruction of forest cover speeding desertification and threatening agriculture;
  • Government to invest in a 700MW coal fired power plant through a Chinese Energy Group.


It is part of the solution. Young people not only make up a large percentage of our population in Ghana, they are championing various innovations and giving solutions with tools, techniques and technology. They are also engaging government and policy makers in conversations for change through advocacy and campaigns. Power Shift is about Leadership, Innovation and ACTION.


Venue: University of Ghana, Legon

Duration: 3 days

Date: July 25- 28, 2014

Number of Participants: 500


Environmental/Energy Governance, Policy & Research

Renewable Energy & Green Technology

Leadership, Organizing & Campaigning


  •   Plenary sessions/Presentations
  •   Working Groups/Workshops
  •   Exhibition- (Renewable Energy & Green Technology)
  •   Side Events – (Flash Mob Dance, Music/Poetry Concert, Movies/Filming)

7.0.KEY ITINERARY ( Confirmation of speakers ongoing)

×  Keynote by UN Special Envoy on Climate Change

×  Q&A – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology & Innovation (MESTI), Ministry of Energy & Petroleum, Ministry of Land & Natural Resources

×  Real Life Stories by Front line Communities

×  Key Solutions & Innovations & Technologies Available

To sponsor, partner or support Power Shift, please use the following details:

Email: gyemgh@gmail.com





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