DAY 1 – July 26, 2014

Session 1:

2 main presenters delivered presentations during the first session; namely Ahmed Prosper Amuquandoh (Smart & Green Energy Group) and Mr. Kwabena Osei (Sustain Ghana). The 2 presenters addressed issues under the following areas:

 Renewable Energy policy, technology and financing
 SMART Grid solution for Energy sector
 Energy Efficiency & Regulation, Management and Sustainability
 Renewable Energy & Innovation – solar powered water system in development
across the world and solar powered train system under research by Sustain Ghana
 Energy Governance, Leadership and Management by Government of Ghana
 Research and Development – solar and wind technology in Ghana

Session 2:

4 Power Shift mentors – Akua Akyaa Nkrumah (Green Ghanaian Initiative), Talal Sangari (Clean Up Ghana), Richard Dablah (Renewable Green Energy), Kwame Ofori (Ako Foundation) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Issues raised and discussed covered the following areas:

 Municipal Waste Management and Local Government Regulations
 Green Technology and Innovation- recycling (plastics & papers), reuse and
 Waste separation and Waste-to-Energy Technology
 Solutions for Sanitation and Littering in cities and suburbs
 Pollution from plastics and e-waste in Agbogbloshie
 Environmental education, advocacy and activism by young people

Session 3:
Interview with Power Shift Celebrities

Nana Asaase (Asaase Inscriptions) – poet, performer and environmentalist, on his journey as a creative artist and using the arts to raise environmental awareness and action; and
John Apea – actor, policy analyst, communication strategist & PR consultant on his personal life, environmentalism, business and sustainability.

Session 4

Power Shift Mentors – Qwophi Opare (Climate Watch Ghana), Abdullah Hamza (AgroIntroductions Ghana), Alfred Wadee (Centre for Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship and Innovation- CREEI), Chibeze Ezekiel (Strategic Network for Development), Domenyo Galley (Cornerstone Media), Beatrice Awu Dossah (Hipsters of Nature), Alfred Godwin Adjabeng (Reach out to Future Leaders Movement- ROFLM), Kassim Gawusu (Greener Impact Int./African Youth Initiative on Climate Change –AYICC), PP Hammond (NYCOB Enterprise Consortium), Energy Commission and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Issues raised, discussed and addressed included:

 Climate change policy, adaptation and mitigation
 Renewable energy, low carbon economies and strategies
 Green Jobs
 Achimota Eco-Park & Aburi Forest Reserve
 Death of whales in the Western Region and Environmental Impact Assessment by
 Biodiversity and Natural Capital
 Youth leadership, lobbying and accessing government funding and budget for
green projects
 The role and commitment of Power Shift mentors towards achieving the goals of
the summit

Session 5
Presentations – Origins Solar Company and Climate Reality Project

Origin Solar revealed how the company aims to supply high quality solar products in developing countries including Ghana and offer solutions to their shortages of reliable energy needs with affordable and cheap solar products.

The Climate Reality presentation by Gideon Commey explained global warming, the science of climate change, the dangers, impacts, effects and the solutions.

 Exhibition by Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMSP) QAMP
 Live online panel interviews by JT Live Radio

DAY 2 – July 27, 2014

Evening Session: Exponential – Multiplying Servant Leaders

Exponential was a special event that featured some selected change makers and trail blazers in Ghana who are shifting power through service to their communities. The young change makers were:

 Sara Nana Yeboah ( Sangy Nursing Services & Sandy Foundation)
 Christabel Ofori (IHAV Foundation)
 Vanessa Kavi (Support A Life Today – S.A.L.T / YALDA Ghana
 Emmanuel Sampson
 Ebenezer Nanabanyin Harrison (TEFAC- Ghana)

DAY 3 – July 28, 2014

Flash Mob Dance

A flash mob dance was hosted on Osu Oxford Street, infront of Shoprite Shooping Mall to bring Power Shift to an end. The dance was led by children and young people from OrphanAid Africa.


5 Thematic Areas for Action:

1. Climate Change
2. Biodiversity & Natural Capital
3. Green Technology (Recycling & Redesign)
4. Renewable Energy (Solar Investment & Entrepreneurship)
5. Youth Policy & Lobby Group

Climate Change
A Power Shift Action group would be created on Facebook for participants to update the group on the actions they are taking in their communities. An action could range from clean ups, tree planting exercises, to a campaign against coal or to promote solar energy in communities. Tools would be made available to support young people.

Biodiversity & Natural Capital
The Power Shift team will consult with the Mentor from NYCOB Enterprise Consortium on action based activities

Green Technology (Recycling & Redesign)
The team will consult with The Green Ghanaian Initiative and share action based activities with the group

Renewable Energy (Solar Investment & Entrepreneurship)
Promotion of solar energy and creating employment for young people through partnerships with Origins Solar and Centre for Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CREEI)

Youth Policy & Lobby Group
This will be achieved in discussions with Mentors and the organizations they represent.


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