About Us

The Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) is a leading youth-led environmental and renewable energy advocacy and campaign group in Ghana.


To build a movement of young people from diverse backgrounds in Ghana leading solutions to environmental challenges and the climate crisis


A sustainable environment, a climate resilient and low carbon economy, a just world.


Commitment – we are building a movement that is dedicated and courageous to campaign for environmental justice;

Innovative– we encourage and use creative ways of developing and making our message heard;

Interactive – we encourage diverse opinions in building our strength and ensure active participation of diverse groups in delivering our campaigns;

Optimistic – our movement is positive minded and believes that we can make an impact on our society and generati

It an open movement and we invite you to come on board; Click here to visit our facebook page


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. connecting from sacramento california …. we are encouraged by what you are doing and hope that our efforts here to impact positive change on the health of our planet can ease the climate’s impact on ghana…

    • Thank you very much Susan.

      We have been inspired by your words and generosity. We have seen your donation. Thank you ever so much. We will send you an official message and also mail your perks to you after the online campaign ends at the end of this month.


      The Online Team


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